How to increase office productivity (1 of 3)

Fluorescent lighting may be putting your office team to sleep!
It’s true!, poor lighting in an office environment causes the release of melatonin. This is the chemical that is produced at night to help us wind down. After one wakes and is active getting out of the house, they arrive at the office where it is dimly lit. It only takes time before the body starts to wind down. More visits to the coffee pot, a trip to the restroom to splash some water on your face, or as simple as a quick walk around the office to “stretch your legs”.

Solution: LED flat panel lighting. With a properly installed LED lighting solution, one can control how bright or dim the office is. With the installation of a Title 24 lighting control, automatically adjust your indoor lighting to allow for more natural vs. artificial lighting. Not only will it increase productivity, it will save money over the life of the installation.

Reach out to our Electrical group for a custom solution for your office. (909) 597-0983

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