How to increase office productivity (2 of 3)

I’ve updated the lighting to LED and the office still seems to be sluggish throughout the day???

On our second installment we look to HVAC maintenance and servicing. You may say, I have my AC serviced quarterly. Our question would be, when was the last time a CO2 survey was conducted in the office? Below is the fresh air recommendation by the National Comfort Institute;

Offices 15-20 CFM
Light commercial buildings 15-25 CFM
Retail stores 15-20 CFM
Classrooms 15 CFM
Churches 15 CFM
Restrooms 35 CFM
Conference rooms 20 CFM
Restaurants 20 CFM
Bars 30 CFM
Exercise rooms 30-40 CFM

To have a survey completed of your commercial space contact our HVAC service department to schedule a consultation.

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