A Must Have For Commercial Refrigeration: The KE2 Therm Evaporator Efficiency Controller

Let me introduce you to the KE2 Therm Evaporator Efficiency Controller. For those of you that read this, it won’t apply to you. However, if you or know of someone who operates a convenience store, restaurant, cold storage, or anything in commercial refrigeration this item is a must-have.

Currently in use by the big boys (Walmart) and a large franchisee-owned food company (Subway).

This unit controls your evaporators demands. Demand for cooling and demand for defrosting. Say a typical system with a mechanical defrost timer is set to defrost 4 times a day for 20 min. (28 times a week) Most of the units out there defrost with electric heat. That’s a lot of power consumption. With the KE2 Therm unit, you can reduce that demand by up to 40% depending on your operation. That means the ROI for these units usually run 1-1.5 years (on power consumption only) – Not to say how many service calls it will alleviate because we can monitor your system remotely.

An example of how we can SAVE YOU $$$$ –
You find your evaporator iced over, a call is made to SoCal Synergy for service. However, we already were alerted to your situation. A technician accesses the unit remotely to find that the door was left open for an hour and a half while a delivery was received. NO Problem, the technician initiates a defrost from his/her iPad. Once the defrost cycle has completed, the evaporator will resume normal operation. Saving you the full cost of a technician showing up to do the same thing.

If you would be interested in a WEEK FREE monitoring to see how this controller can benefit your company give us a call 714-470-6058 in the OC, 909-597-0983 in the IE, or send us an email at info@socalsynergy.com

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